Global Tree Planting Project

‘Trees are the ultimate multi-taskers in the fight against climate change’  The Woodland Trust 

It is often time spent in the Newnham Gardens which alumnae recall most fondly when reminiscing about their years at College. The wonderful trees in the Gardens play a major part in those memories.  

We thought that a worldwide Tree Planting project could be a joyful way of not only of connecting existing alumnae (and alumnae groups) around the world, but also giving a sense of planting greennessshade, and beauty for future generations of Newnhamites. There’s a lovely Ancient Greek proverb which says, ‘Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit under’.  

We are hoping to see 150 trees bought, planted and maintained by alumnae around the world. The first and 150th trees will be planted in the College gardens to bookend the Anniversary celebrations. Jo Burch. President of the Roll Committee.

Read more about how to get involved with planting here. You can also contribute to the tree planting project as part of your alumnae group’s fundraising. Read more here.

We are delighted that the Global Tree Planting Project saw its inaugural tree planted at College on Monday 1st March 2021, at the beginning of Green Week.  Watch the video here: