Newnham Treasures

Everyone will have a different idea of Newnham’s ‘treasures’. For one person, it’s the Library ceiling; for another, the study booths in the Iris Cafe. It might be the woodland garden, a favourite painting on a corridor wall, or a piece of furniture. And most of all, of course, the people.

Here, we share some of the treasures of both past and present. More treasures will be added over the course of the anniversary celebrations – why not send in your photos and suggestions?

From our foundation, alumnae, artists and other benefactors donated artworks to the College, and we have continued to grow our collection over the years.

Portraits celebrate distinguished alumnae, Fellows and Principals.

Some treasures were created by Newnham’s members, such as the Suffrage Banner and the Women’s War Work book.

Other treasures of today were the everyday objects of the past – the polished teakettles, for instance, or the Victorian tennis dress.

Together, they create a rich and frequently unexpected portrait of this community.