Twelve Fruit Trees Planted in Community Orchard, Maryhill, Glasgow

Thanks to Daphne Wassermann (NC 1967) and her friends from Newnham in the Glasgow Book Group, one apple, two cherry, three plum and six pear trees have been planted in the community orchard in Maryhill towards the goal of 150 trees in the Global Tree Planting Project.

This spot was a derelict hillside between social and private housing in Glasgow. One of the local residents started clearing rubbish and undergrowth, and four years or so ago planted an orchard.  The main area is a grassy slope, covered in buttercups. The Book Group trees replace those which did not survive the original planting.

On 2 April 2022 a plaque was placed at the top of the orchard by Jacqui Stother, Claire Gilson, Daphne Wassermann and Fay Pascoe, on behalf of the book group. The lower photograph shows the labyrinth.