Newnham College Boat Club releases 150 intergenerational ‘boatie’ memories to celebrate #Newnham150

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Newnham College, Newnham College Boat Club (NCBC) has collected 150 memories from past and present members. This has been a student-led project to mark the Anniversary of the College by gathering memories and reflections from members of NCBC over the generations.

NCBC is the largest and most successful of the Cambridge University College Women’s’ Boat Clubs, dominating women’s rowing on the Cam since 1893. Since then, the club has been a crucial part of college life, welcoming everyone who wishes to join with open arms.

This document of the memories of NCBC reflect the friendly, welcoming, supportive, and tight-knit community that NCBC has built over the years. Many memories that people chose to submit weren’t necessarily about being the best or winning the most races (although that is always a nice feeling); they tended to focus on the people. NCBC’s members, past and present, are integral to the attitude we have as a club.

Thank you to all those that contributed memories and to thank everyone who has supported the club over the years. Particular thanks should go to Héloïse and Millie, who co-chaired the NCBC committee through the beginning of the pandemic under some exceptional circumstances and thought up the idea of collecting memories for this anniversary. You have all helped build the NCBC community that we are all proud of.

Please enjoy reading this collection of memories to celebrate NCBC and the 150th Anniversary of Newnham College. Click here to view the PDF and read.

If you have any questions or comments or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to email:

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