Dr Sinéad Agnew will share her current research on the idea of conscience in private law, and the basic moral norms which underpin its usage in legal doctrine. She explores how judges use the language of conscience and unconscionability in contractual and trusts law disputes between private individuals.

Dr Sinéad Agnew

Before becoming an academic, DR SINÉAD AGNEW practised law for almost a decade, first as a barrister in London, and subsequently as a litigation lawyer in Jersey. She is now the Catherine Seville Assistant Professor in Law and a Fellow of Newnham. She teaches the law of equity and trusts to undergraduates and is the co-author of two leading trusts and company law textbooks, which are used by students and practitioners. Sinéad’s research interests lie in the field of private law, particularly in the moral justifications for and the historical development of equitable doctrine and equitable institutions such as the trust.