Curious & Creative? How To Get Involved

We’d love you – Newham students, Fellows, staff and alumnae – to submit project proposals for the Programme which encapsulate an issue or topic you are particularly passionate about, that you want others to hear about and become engaged with, which challenge past and current thinking, and offer a sneak preview of what Newnham might look like in the future.

You can do this as an individual, group or as part of a society or external organisation. You may want to deliver your project – large or small – virtually or with a real life element (when circumstances allow). It might be an exhibition or display, zine, short film, social media challenge, digital relay, lecture or talk, pop-up, musical or mentoring moment. Your project can sit within one discipline, across several, or work with another discipline – it’s yours to choose.

Please submit a description (up to 500 words) which clearly includes the idea behind your project, what you want to do, why you want to do it, why it is important, how much it might cost – and why now.

It must fulfil at least one of the 150th Anniversary Criteria for Success

  • Takes forward Newnham’s mission of education, learning and research: for, by and with women.
  • Shows the College as a place of new thinking and research of international significance.
  • Demonstrates College values of equality, diversity and social engagement.
  • Explores Newnham’s history, our present and our future alongside each other.
  • Supports the College’s goals of sustainability.
  • Embraces a spirit of the radical and the rebellious.
  • Deepens the relationship between alumnae and the College of today.
  • Represents and promotes interactions between all disciplines: arts, humanities, social sciences and STEM.

The Open Programme Committee, made up of representatives from across the Newnham community, will review your submission, see how it fits, or how we can work with you to develop it to fit – into a diverse set of complementary projects in the Programme.

Email your proposal to

How We will Support You and Your Project

There is funding available to help you to create and deliver your ideas. Levels of funding for the next round range from £100 for projects requiring minimum financial support to £1000 or £2000 for a major project.

In your submission, please identify streams of expenditure such as:

  • Photography, filming
  • Research
  • Permissions to reproduce stills, moving image, archival materials, etc
  • Workshops, talks, launch event
  • Display/exhibition materials

You might also want to draw on funds which may be available from groups or societies you may be a member of or wish to collaborate with, or you might want to cover your costs through ticket sales. We’d also love to hear about ideas to include in the Open Programme which can be delivered at ‘no cost’.

We received an inspiring range of projects following the first of the three call-outs for submissions. Read more about successful projects here.

The final round of bidding opened on Monday 1 November 2021 and closes on Wednesday 15 December 2021. This is for projects to be started in 2022.

We’ll support your project by publicising it through the website, e-newsletters and social media both in advance of the event and during delivery – whether a single day event or longer running project.

The College will have space available at no cost where events can be held (subject to Covid-19 Code of Conduct). You will be responsible for booking the space and ensuring you have any equipment you may need.

You will receive a 150th Promotional Pack which will include the 150th Anniversary logo, core messaging, and other useful tips.