Tree planting at Welford’s Piece in Clifton, Oxon #Newnham150

“… a heart-lifting experience to have over 40 volunteers of all ages enthusiastically planting for the future on a beautiful Autumn morning…”

Jo Eames (NC 1983) and her fellow volunteers on the Orchard Team at Deddington Environmental Trust in Oxfordshire planted fifteen heritage fruit trees in an arc along the woodland edge. It’s envisaged the site will became a beautiful spot to sit and picnic, as well as contributing to biodiversity and preserving local heritage varieties of fruit.  

The orchard has been funded by a grant from Oxfordshire Trust for the Environment  (with support from Grundon Waste Management)  but contributions are invited towards the future maintenance of the trees.  

The planting was especially poignant for Jo as her mother had recently passed. Jo says: ‘My mother loved trees and flowers above all things, so it feels good to be planting something she would have enjoyed.’  

From the Orchard Team: 

“What a wonderful morning! On Saturday our team of over 40 volunteers turned up at Welford’s Piece, clad in wellies, with spades in hand, and planted the 15 heritage fruit trees in the land at the far end of the field.  Varieties included the Deddington Pippin and the Oxford Conquest, among others. Hundreds of crocus bulbs were planted by children, who kept going until every last bulb went in! We can’t wait to see the results in the spring. It was a joyous event. We learned the correct shape for a planting hole, square not round so as to encourage the roots to spread out and not simply go round and around and become pot or rather hole-bound. 

The Brownies generously supplied us with refreshments including cakes made by volunteers, and Tim Catling kindly lent us his bowser so we could water the young trees in. The talented Emma Spellman captured the atmosphere beautifully creating this fabulous film . Thank you so much to everyone who came along to the planting, or who has helped or supported us in any way during the course of this project. 

Of course, it is not finished and the trees will need some nurturing and also pruning in the years to come.  Your generous donations will enable us to do this and maintain them for future generations to enjoy. We look forward to inviting you to the site in the future to enjoy Apple Days and other events but in the meantime why don’t you pop in and take a look.”