Seven more trees planted across the British Isles for the Global Tree Planting Project

Through the summer months, our Global Tree planting project has been picking up steam with seven more trees planted across the British Isles, from Chatteris, to Wendens Ambo, all the way to Aith, Shetland. Staff, students and alumnae have joined in so far. Each of these trees adds to our target of 150+ trees for Newnham’s 150 Anniversary. If you’re inspired by these trees or want to read more about the project, you can find out more here and view the interactive map plotting their locations.

Our project has officially reached the northernmost part of the United Kingdom – as three trees have been planted near Aith, Shetland. Matriculating 64 years apart, Anne Hewitt (NC 2019) and Jean Marston (NC 1955) (below, top left and right) planted an aspen, rowan and hazel tree in Michaelswood on 16 June 2021 – a special wood for the local community where children with special needs are welcomed to explore trees and plants not usually found around Shetland.

Anne said, “During a week in Shetland, I got the chance to meet Jean Marston (NC 1955) to plant three saplings: a rowan, a hazel, and an aspen in Michaelswood, Aith. Each was sourced and their provenance assured by the Shetland Woodland Trust. Special thanks to Paul from the Trust for donating them! 

Michaelswood is a very special wood. It was planted by Michael’s parents, Ray & Betty Ferrie, in memory of their son who passed away from cancer in 1996. This woodland has a very special meaning for the local community, and it’s where children –  including children with special needs – are welcome to explore trees and plants not usually found around Shetland. They even have an array of dinosaurs! 

Ray and Betty very kindly showed us how to plant the saplings, and they’re protected by a row of more mature evergreens. A mesh guard will also be placed around them soon (to keep the sheep and rabbits away!)”

The trees were sourced by the Shetland Woodland Trust, and will have mesh guards to fend from sheep and rabbits, protected by a neighbouring row of evergreen trees while they grow. They planted a Populus Tremula ‘Aspen’, a Sorbus Aucuparia ‘Rowan’ and a Corylus Avella ‘Hazel’.

Hear an authentically windy celebration all the way from Shetland from Anne and Jean here:

Two staff members also joined the ranks of those who have planted trees for #Newnham150, Bev Gafney, HR Manager, planted two trees in her garden to celebrate – a weeping cherry tree and a Victoria plum (below left) and Development Director, Sarah Carthew, also planted two Copper Beech at her home in Chatteris (below right).