Global Tree Planting Project – Rewilding the Scottish Highlands with Janet Gollifer (NC 1979)

Loch Ness By Puffin11uk Is Marked With CC0 1
Loch Ness By Puffin11uk Is Marked With CC0 1

Janet Gollifer (NC 1979), a member of the Scots Alumnae Group pledged ten trees to be planted in a dedicated Newnham grove at Dundreggan Conservation Estate, near Loch Ness – charity Trees for Life’s flagship example of rewilding in action.

Janet hopes there will be a mix of Aspen, Woolly Willow, Downy Willow and other difficult to grow Mountain Native Scottish Trees which are grown in the nursery at Dundreggan from local seed and planted out when mature enough.

She continues, ‘My motivation for getting involved with this project was that we often feel  helpless in the face of climate change and deforestation but there are small practical things we can do. One project close to home that I felt I could be involved in even during COVID-19 lockdown was to promote the ‘re-wilding’ of the Highlands to mitigate climate change effects and support all species/increase diversity in the ecosystem starting with native plants. Not so much a grass-roots movement but a tree-roots one! So if you feel the same as I do and want to help please go ahead and start your own wee grove in the Highlands!’

Plant a tree in the Scottish Highlands (  Scroll down to ‘Plant a Grove’

If you’re inspired by these trees or want to read more about the project, you can find out more here and view the interactive map plotting their locations.