Discover the latest Newnham research – in just 3 minutes!

Eight Newnham researchers, from different stages of their careers, give 3-minute introductions of their research as part of #Newnham150. 

Newnham has been a centre of research for almost as long as it’s been a centre of learning. Our researchers engage with some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century, from climate change to development aid. These topics cut across the disciplines, from classical dance to behavioural economics.

The 3-minute recordings are going live over the course of the Festival weekend.

The PhD students

  • Karla Boxall asks “What happens to ice in Antarctica in summer?”
  • Julie Bailey, a former teacher who is now focusing on educational research, explores her work “Unlocking learning for neurodiverse students”
  • And Ranjini, who is also running a classical dance workshop as part of the #Newnham150 Festival, explores “How Indian classical dance framed a nation”.

The early-career researchers

  • Historian Dr Meg Foster, recorded from her home in Australia, asks “Who were Australian Bushrangers and why do they matter?”
  • A little closer to Newnham, but looking into the further corners of the galaxy, astrophysicist Dr Ricarda Beckman tells us why Supermassive Black Holes really are the “celebrities of the Universe”

The established researchers

  • Behavioural economist Dr Helen Bao tells us about her work helping people and governments make good choices
  • Philosopher Dr Carol Atack explains why we should pay more attention to the setting of Plato’s dialogues, for “Philosophy in times of crisis”
  • And ASNaC scholar Dr Judy Quinn explores “Prose and verse in the Icelandic sagas”

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