Join us to pay homage to the life and achievements in the science of DNA of Rosalind Franklin (NC 1938) by listening to letters between Rosalind and her mother, read by her nieces.
Rosalind’s sister, Jenifer Glynn (NC 1948), will give a personal talk and Dr Birgitta Olofsson will show her film on Rosalind.

SHIRLEY FRANKLIN is a retired teacher, teacher educator and lecturer in education and a health activist.

VERONICA FRANKLIN GOULD is an art historian, biographer and founder president of Arts 4 Dementia.

JENIFER GLYNN first visited Newnham as a child, to see her sister Rosalind Franklin who was studying there. Now a writer and historian, she has published a memoir, My Sister Rosalind Franklin (2012). From Rosalind’s background, her early education, her time as a science student at Cambridge, and her relations with her family, to her life as an adult and her time in Paris and at King’s, Glynn shows how much her sister achieved and how she was influenced by the social and intellectual climate of the period she worked in.

DR BIRGITTA OLOFSSON is a scientist, former Director of Studies in Biology and Bye-Fellow of Newnham College, turned film maker after a Digital Filmmaking course at Hills Road College. She collaborates with Jonnie Howard Film and has produced several films with a focus on scientists and their life stories. She particularly seeks to promote women researchers, both historical and contemporary. Most of all she wants to tell a story: vivid, compelling and unique.