Call for Nominations – less well-known women in Newnham’s history

Erika Tan, the artist appointed for the Anniversary Art Commission, is asking for nominations of less well-known women in Newnham’s history – as she explains:

These could be women who lived, worked, studied in Newnham over the last 150 years. We are particularly exploring lesser-known histories, by this we mean individuals whose lives may have had less relevance or seeming significance to Britain, America, Europe and possibly more of a global or international significance, or localised importance ‘elsewhere’. The terminology currently in use is intentionally left a little vague, we are interested in your thoughts and suggestions around how this project shapes up and who we might find.

If there is a woman in Newnham’s history who you would like to nominate, please send your suggestions to Newnham’s Curator by the end of May 2021.

The list of all nominees will be updated regularly on the website over the coming weeks.

Nominations received to date include:

  • Janaki Agnes Penelope Majumdar (nee Bonnerjee) (NC 1904)
  • Coomee Rustom Dantra (NC 1924)
  • Edith Sharpley (NC 1879)
  • Amy Levy (NC 1879)
  • Victoria Cohen (NC 1989)
  • Florence Beaumont (NC 1894)